Greenward Bound

Music to Measure Shower Time

Managing water consumption is an easy way to save both money and the environment! We as a family have decided to cut back on shower time in to reduce our water use. As a teen, I at first thought cutting down my twenty-minute shower any more than a couple minutes would be a daunting task, but then realised that I could use the music I play in the shower to time myself!

The average song is about four minutes long, and I saw that I went through approximately four songs per “normal” shower, so I challenged myself to finish my shower before the end of the fourth, then before the end of the third, until I only took about one song’s playing time to shower. This was a fun and easy way to make time in the shower faster, both giving one more time to do other tasks and saving the environment. As a person that starts every morning with a shower, it also makes my day a little more exciting to begin with a song that I like.

I started with a playlist of about 100 various songs put on random, so that it would be highly unlikely for me to be showering to the same song two days in a row. I would recommend putting together your own playlist, but maybe leave out those long songs like “Echoes” by Pink Floyd, with its run time of about 23 minutes! Here is a YouTube playlist to help get you started: Some Songs!

Happy listening!