Greenward Bound


I have recently found an organisation called Knit-a-Square that provides blankets, hats, toys, and other yarn-worked items for children in Africa. From their collection point in South Africa, they send their items all over the continent to children whose parents have died from war or epidemics or whose parents are not in a stable relationship. These children need support and comfort, and this organisation provides a little bit of this through its items and workers.

My family, friends, and I are working on knitting 8×8 squares that can be sewn together into quilts. To make a quilt, 35 of these squares are required, but we want to make as many as we possibly can. Instead of having people throw away their old yarn, needles, and other knitting supplies, we have encouraged those from our community to donate them to us, or to use them to create their own squares to send to Knit-a-Square. This ties in the “renew” and “re-imagine” aspects of my life, allowing people to re-imagine old wool and yarn into something a child will cherish for the rest of his or her life. On top of blankets, I have begun to make hats using a loom, and hope to send these as well.

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