Greenward Bound

Home Cooking


My school offers several after-school activities, such as karate, Lego robotics, coding, cooking, and much more! Throughout my years in my school, I have taken many of these programs, and I hope I take some more in the last two years here, but the most memorable one was the Kids Test Kitchen, or the cooking class. But no, this was no ordinary cooking class. After each class our teacher would give us a major vegetable ingredient to take home, in this case spinach. Every Friday, I would stay after school and use knives and other cool cooking gadgets to learn how to cook up a great meal. Then my mom would come and pick me up to go shopping for food items. When we got home, I would start to make this wonderful dish. This is a picture of the first meal I made. I made my first meal, spaghetti with swish chard, sausages, and tomatoes. With a little help from my dad, I used my skills I learned  in my cooking class to deliver this special meal.