Greenward Bound

City of the Future

I have just come back from a Future City competition with my team, who created a city of the future we called Durzaam. Future City is a competition in which teams of students plan and create “cities of the future” centered around a specific problem to compete with other teams and to win awards and showcase their ideas to the world.  It was divided up into several sections, which were a design of the city using the game SimCity, an essay describing what set our city apart from others, a model made from materials we found around the school (and lots of hot glue!), and a presentation of our city both in front of a panel of judges and to various representatives of companies involved in energy and resource management. I was both the main writer and the leader of my team.

This year, the problem was focused on waste management. The main idea we had for this issue was an automatic sewer system in which the wastewater was filtered through bar screens, pushed through a filtration facility that used a “trickling filter” involving old PVC pipes and a

biofilm (a light film of organisms coating the pipes) to clean the water more, and was moved

through a UV light chamber to kill any remaining bacteria. Our city also had a strong focus on recycling, paying citizens back for certain amounts of recycled products. You can find the rest of our essay here.

Our team earned the Asabe Award for Most Sustainable Food Production System as well as a few more involving water filtration and energy conservation for our efforts, and I couldn’t be prouder of our hard work!

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