Greenward Bound

Trees in Boston

Ahhhhhhh Boston, the birthplace of many companies, the capital city of Massachusetts, and one of the most important places in America’s history. To know-one’s surprise, this city is a huge tourist magnet. People come from all over the world to visit special sites, to see special things, to work new jobs, and to live in great places, Boston is a great place. I go there every day to drop my sister off at a college for a class she is taking this summer. I get to spend so much time there. I love climbing the trees!

Though Boston is a big city with lots of huge buildings, between almost each and every one of those buildings, there’s greenery, trees, flowers, and plants that all help to counteract the everyday pollution in this city. By this I mean the constant use of gas powered cars and the oil that is constantly burning to keep the buildings warm. It’s a slight small change to the environment around Boston. But it does a whole lot to make the air cleaner in Boston!